Calculate YOUR MaxTransfer Advantage

Make the most of your community college education.

You can save even more by taking more classes at your community college before you transfer to Bellevue University. With our generous transfer policy for the Kentucky Community & Technical College System, you can transfer up to 78 credit hours to Bellevue University.

In all cases, it's best to create your Next Degree Pathway Plan with your Next Degree Navigator. Set up your Personal Advising Session soon because the sooner you create your Pathway Plan, the more you can be assured of MaxTransfer Advantage.

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Calculate Your MaxTransfer Advantage

The calculator below is meant to provide a preliminary estimate of credits that may transfer. It will also give you an estimate of the additional credits you would need to earn to complete a bachelor's degree at Bellevue University.

For a personal assessment of KCTCS credits that may transfer to bachelor's degree completion, please contact your Bellevue University Next Degree Navigator who will work with you on your Next Degree Pathway Plan.

Select Your Associate Degree:

The actual number of credit hours that transfer is different for each student. An assessment of each student's KCTCS Associate degree credits, and the required credits for the Bellevue University bachelor's degree selected will be made. This means that while the 78 credit hours referenced may transfer for certain students, a review of your earned credits and bachelor's degree program choice will be required to tell you how many credits will transfer and how many credit hours will be required for bachelor's degree completion.

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